J.J. and PC have a shared passion for making a house a home.  We have realized the joy and peace that comes with having a home that is intentional, a home that is designed with flow and function in mind, and we want to share that feeling with other people.  Our favorite way to spend a day is by going to thrift stores and yard sales, on the hunt for "the find"!  We enjoy taking ugly pieces and making them pretty, and we love to find unusual and odd items to turn into something beautiful.  We entertain frequently in our home, and it is one of the things we look forward to the most in our life together.

PC is an eclectic mix of artist, woodworker, chef, and dog whisperer!    J.J. is a singer, teacher, reader, dreamer, and wannabe yogi.  We have two amazing, heartwrenchingly cute dogs - Tinker and Gumbo.  We are southern to the core, and fully embrace the lowcountry lifestyle.


We live each day in a constant state of gratitude and delight that we are living this beautiful life.